Illegal gamblers hide marijuana in garden

A Haines City resident has been charged with possession of marijuana. Police officers found 29 pounds of marijuana, which were hidden in paint buckets. A drug dog detected the paint buckets that were buried in the garden. In addition, men were gambling illegally for real money in the driveway.haines city

Card games and dominos

Approximately four weeks ago, people had informed the police about noise nuisance in the neighborhood. Residents complained about men who were drinking alcoholic beverages and playing card games and dominos in the driveway of the house.

Gambling on the premises

“The neighborhood was fed up with the noise nuisance. We decided to take a look at the situation. We observed the activities at the house and noted that 20 to 40 men were gambling on the premises. It didn’t look very good,” a police spokesperson declared.

Marijuana in paint buckets

A few pounds of marijuana were found in a pail, while the majority was hidden in paint buckets. A police dog detected the buried paint buckets. The owner of the house, Derville Hines (37), was arrested in addition to three other men.
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