Hartlepool nurse stole bank cards to gamble

Nurse Rubilita Coggin is heading to prison after she stole bankcards to fund her gambling addiction. Peter Jones revealed how his late wife was robbed while she was dying. Coggin has been sentenced to a 15-month jail term.

Unbelievable theft

Online gamblingJones was shocked when he learned about the theft worth £5,000. His 87-year-old wife would spend the last days before her death at home, but a congestive cardiac failure put a spanner in the works. “Fortunately, Connie passed away without knowing that a nurse had stolen her bank cards. I doubt if she would have believed that someone would be capable to steal from a dying patient,” Jones said.

Online gambling transactions

“Four weeks after he death, I discovered the fraudulent transactions on her bank statements. I was shocked when I reviewed twelve pages packed with online gambling transactions. Apparently, the nurse in question spent many hours gambling at a Malta-based internet casino.”

Unexpected perpetrator

Jones’ called his cousin, who owns a security company, and he immediately determined that somebody had stolen the bank cards. “At that moment I didn’t realize that one of the nurses was the perpetrator. I didn’t know her personally, but I knew that one of the caring nurses had access to the storage compartment where my late wife kept her purse,” Jones added.
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