Guide to slot machines brings you a basic guide to online slots. Let’s start with some slot history. San Francisco mechanic Charles Fey created the first slot machine, named ‘Liberty Bell’, back in 1895. This three-reel slot machine featured only four symbols. Gambling experts believe that Liberty Bell is the ancestor of all slots ever since Fey’s creation.

Easy game-play, complex machines

Spinning the reels of a slot machine doesn’t require any skills. Just hit the button to start enjoying the action. The first slot machines featured a lever (arm) attached to one side, which explains the nickname ‘one-armed bandit’. Slot machines are extremely complex devices packed with a huge number of parts and cooperating systems.

Slot machine tips

Slot machineThere are a few things to keep in mind when playing a slot machine, regardless of whether it is an online slot or a slot machine at a brick and mortar casino.
  • Determine your gambling budget before spinning the reels of a slot machine.
  • Choose a machine that fits your wagering preferences as there are many options with regard to bet per spin.
  • Benefit from loyalty schemes at both land-based gambling parlors and online casinos.
  • Select a machine with a theme that appeals to you the most.
  • Consult the pay table for information about winning combinations, symbols, bonus features, etc.
  • Separate your bankroll from your winnings, which you don’t use to play.
  • Try another slot in case of a lack of winnings.
  • And last but not least, enjoy your gambling session as playing a slot machine is all about having a good time.
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