Gambling tattoos: Roulette art packed with life motto

Some people avoid challenges and take the easy way out, while others are willing to take risks. The latter group opts for the ‘life is a gamble’ motto, with the same applying for this week’s gambling enthusiast. His large tattoo leaves little to the imagination, and roulette is without a doubt his favorite casino game.

Life motto of a thoroughbred gambler

Life is a gamble tattooThe bespectacled gambler decided to cover his chest, and shoulders with some body art that reflects his life motto. A piece of a roulette wheel decorates his upper chest, while the king of spades card can be found on both his shoulders, which means he also has a weak spot for card games. Additionally, the gambler’s life motto is definitely all about taking risks given the ’life is a gamble’ tattoo that doesn’t need any further explanation.

Classic gambling meets online equivalent

We are not sure if this gambler prefers to play at land-based establishment or online. If he likes both, live online gambling could be just what he’s looking for as it combines the best of both worlds. Live online casinos offer players the excitement of authentic gambling with a modern twist. Enjoying the thrill of live online gambling can also be quite rewarding as Scott from the UK found out when he collected a dazzling £287,010 in cash at Royal Panda’s Live Roulette table in a matter of just one week.
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