Gambling tattoos: Naughty monopoly masterpiece

Who hasn't played monopoly not at least ones in his/ her life? The American board game features strange tokens, and was actually a statement against capitalism. Some people are hooked on monopoly, while others celebrate their beloved game with a cool tattoo. That’s exactly the case with this week’s gambling fan.

Fan or hater?

Gambling tattoo chest womanAn unknown woman, wearing a pink braw, shows her monopoly masterpiece that is tattooed on an unusual spot. The colorful creation is centered right above her modest rack. Several monopoly symbols, including two cars, money bills, a diamond ring, and some buildings, represent the popular game. What makes this tattoo a bit contradictory is the statement ‘this game sucks’.

Online monopoly excitement

Such a cherished board game certainly deserves an online slot machine. For that reason, casino players can win stunning cash prizes, whilst spinning the reels of a monopoly-themed slot. Almost needless to say that many online casinos offer a virtual variant of the fun board game, while there are also multiple monopoly apps for Android and Apple devices available.
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