Gambling tattoos: Cool blend of gambling items

Blend of gambling itemsThe quality of this week’s gambling tattoo is superb, and the sophisticated items result in a striking creation. We are not sure why the gambler chose the spot above his left chest, but the selection of gambling-related items is definitely an extraordinary creation.

Mix of roulette, craps, and card games

Let’s start with the casino elements that catch the attention of everyone who notices the highly detailed tattoo. These are the four gambling-related items:
  • A roulette wheel
  • Three craps dices
  • Two cards, including the ace of heart and the ace of clubs
  • Three casino chips

Hyper-realistic tattoos

The lifelike tattoo raises some questions as it may be too perfect. Are tattoo artists capable of creating such a hyper-realistic design? Experts claim that Russians have a reputation of producing ultra-lifelike tattoos. It’s no coincidence that this gambling-related tattoo is in black and grey as both colors add a considerable depth to the ink creation. Other colors are much more difficult to capture.
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