Gambling losses result in faking an armed robbery

Bitterroot River InnA man from Hamilton, Montana informed the police about an armed robbery at the Bitterroot River Inn where he worked. But in fact, Tyler Joseph Claxton had stolen the cash to pay off his gambling debts. The robbery never took place and he has been charged with multiple offences. This case reminds us about another stealing clerk.

Fake robbery

The 28-year-old hotel clerk described the ‘robber’ as a masked man, dressed in black. Claxton even told police that the robber had used a firearm during the incident. Local authorities searched in vain for the suspect. Detectives noticed that CCTV cameras had not taped the incident as they had been switched off.

Gambling addiction

Surprisingly enough, police officers arrested a man that matched the description. However, police interrogation demonstrated his innocence. The Hamilton resident decided to come clean and told police officers about his gambling addiction. He confessed to have stolen the money from the hotel after he had switched off the video surveillance system.
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