Gambling addict accountant stole $2.7 million from employer

Laurieann RichardWomen like to shop, and an increasing number also loves to gamble. Laurieann Richard is one of them, but she lost control over her habits. The 39-year-old started stealing from the company where she worked and used the money to gamble and shop. Richard now faces charges of theft.

Breach of trust

The Wrentham woman stole $2.7 million from Dale Medical Products where she worked as an accountant. Richard was sacked after the company discovered the embezzlement. “She worked for us nearly a quarter of a century, which makes it even more shocking. It’s definitely a case of shattered trust”, a spokesperson for Dale Medical Products stated.

Gambling and shopping

Richard stole the money over a period of seven years, starting in the summer of 2007. She used the stolen money to gamble, in addition to buying multiple items online. The gambling addict also used unapproved credit cards to purchase a new car. Attorney William J. Galvin, defending the 39-year-old woman, declared: “Her family is deeply disappointed and they feel embarrassed and ashamed.”
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