Gambler takes frustration out on slot machines

Losing money while gambling is obviously frustrating, but that’s no excuse to take your frustrations out on a slot machine. A British gambling enthusiast thought otherwise as he damaged two one-armed bandits at a Romford-based gambling venue.

$8,600 in damages

Gambling machine damagedThe incident occurred mid-October last year, and local police have now published a video of the gambler’s misbehavior. After losing an unidentified amount of cash, the suspect uses a chair to damage two slots. The cracked displays of both gambling machines resulted in repair costs of more than $8,600.

Suspect on the run

He left the gambling venue after the incident, according to the police. The frustrated gambler is aged 35 – 40, about 5’6” tall, and dressed in blue jeans and a grey jacket with dark-colored elbow patches. Police are appealing to the public to contact them with any information in relation to this case.
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