Fresno police discover gambling machines in concealed cave

People seem to do everything to hide their illegal gambling machines. Fresno Police visited a home on Turner Avenue after receiving information about domestic violence. Officers discovered several black-market gambling machines at the premises.

Two suspects

Illegal gambling machinesResidents had informed the police about screams coming from the premises. A crying woman opened the door when agents visited the location. She seemed afraid, while two individuals were running through the house. Police thought that maybe somebody was injured, and they inspected the home.

Cave hidden under chicken coop

Agents didn’t find the two individuals inside the house, after which they started searching the rest of the premises. They discovered an underground cave that was hidden under a hen house. Police officers found the two suspects, who were hiding inside the hollow place in the ground.

Gambling machines inside cave

Three individuals were arrested, including Lee Khammany, Daniel Marquez, and Kue Vang, who were taken to the Fresno County jail. The cave featured security cameras, weapons, tools, in addition to black-market gambling machines. Agents also seized cannabis plants from the premises.
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