Disharmony despite vote results

The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) has reached un understanding with regard to legalizing internet gambling in the US. There are tribes that don’t support the results of the vote. The Indian tribes have been extremely disharmonious for months regarding Barney Frank’s bill.

Land-based casinos

The legislation will make internet casino’s legal. A number of tribes have determinately declared that legalized internet gambling will damage brick and mortar casino’s. The NIGA apparently doesn’t support that stance. The National Indian Gaming Association voting resulted in a vast majority supporting Barney Frank’s legislation.

Legalized internet gambling

The most important argument in favor of a legalized internet gambling market is the fact that it will offer new opportunities. Especially for tribes in areas that experience decreasing revenues. Internet gambling also provides expansion opportunities. Several studies focused on the impact that American internet casino websites would have on tribes. The overall conclusion was that cooperating with the government toward legalized internet gambling will provide the Indian tribal gaming industry the best chances.

Barney Frank’s legislation

There are sill several indecisive tribes. The NIGA voted 27-6 with one non-vote. Barney Frank’s internet casino gambling legislation seems to fully regulate and license an American online gambling market.
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