Columbus Police raid store in gambling bust

Columbus Police have confiscated nine video slots from a local store. Officer Ken Culverson also found $4,878 in cash and he arrested the shop employee. Ramiro Hernandez (24) has been accused of illegal gambling and gun possession.

Video slots at Dollar Store Plus store

Dollar storeCulverson discovered the illegal gaming machines at the Dollar Store Plus store during a routine patrol. The Columbus Police officer noticed several vehicles parked outside the business and a number of men were playing one of the gaming machines. Culverson decided to visit the store, but the door was locked. Hernandez initially ignored Culverson's signs, but he eventually opened the door.

Gambling machines, cash and a firearm

"I saw a couple of men who were spinning the reels of the gambling machines for real money," the police officer stated. The gambling people told him that the prizes were awarded in cash. Culverson asked Hernandez to call the manager of the Dollar Store Plus store. He told Culverson that the manager would appear soon, but he never arrived at the store. Culverson inspected the shop and discovered a firearm, in addition to $4,878 in cash.
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