Christchurch gambling addict stole $92,000 at work

Samuel Andrew JourneeDesperate needs lead to desperate deeds. Samuel Andrew Journee is a living example of such behavior. The former bank manager stole about $92,000 to fund a gambling problem. Journee now faces 10 months on home detention.

Embezzling bank manager

According to court documents, Journee misused his position and manipulated his co-workers. The 26-year-old gambling addict create fake accounts which he used to embezzle the money. His lawyer stated that his client was gripped by a desperate need to win back the money he had lost at casinos.

Fight against gambling addiction

Journee confessed the embezzlement and repaid all the stolen funds. He is now trying to overcome his chronic gambling addiction by undergoing treatment. Additionally, Journee has chosen to exclude himself from every gambling venue and sports betting parlor in New Zealand.
0 #2 Louise 2014-10-20 19:46
Someone with a gambling addiction, doesn't differentiate between right and wrong, when it comes to the addiction Stephany, perhaps you shouldn't be so judgmental.
0 #1 Stephany 2014-10-08 11:41
Someone with a financial background should have known better..
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