Celebrities with a gambling problem: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods gamblingIn the world of golf, Tiger Woods is definitely a phenomenon after winning 14 major championships. Besides his passion for golf, Woods also enjoys casino gambling. But maybe a bit too much as he developed a serious gambling problem.

Perfect place for his two addictions

It is rumored that the golf legend is a high roller who loves to play blackjack. During his many stays at casino resorts in Las Vegas, he would benefit from both the hotel and gambling facilities. Tiger allegedly used his hotel room for his sexual affairs, while the casino downstairs was the perfect setting for his gambling addiction.

$25,000 per hand

Jamie Jungers, one of his mistresses, confirmed that Woods was a big spender at gambling tables. Jungers allegedly had a sexual relationship with Woods for one and a half years. “On one occasion, I joined him at a gambling table for a high-stake blackjack session. Tiger put down $25,000 a hand. On that same night, Charles Barkley was enjoying a game of roulette at another table near ours.
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