Celebrities with a gambling problem: Simon Cowell

Simon CowellSimon Cowell is a successful media personality who hosted the game show ‘Red or Black’. That television program invited players to participate in various games of chance to win a whopping £1 million. Cowell himself also likes to gamble, especially lottery games.

No for the money

In 2011, Cowell revealed he bought scratch card tickets and lottery tickets on a regular basis. He doesn’t seem to gamble to win some cash due to his impressive fortune and huge earnings. The London and Las Vegas resident noted he always selects the ‘no publicity’ option when he enjoys his favorite gambling game.

Illegal lottery games

Speaking about lottery tickets, Mississippi's gaming laws prohibit lottery games. However, gas stations sell phone card tickets that can be considered as lottery tickets. People who buy such phone card tickets are eligible to cash prizes, which makes them a game of chance. Yet in 1992, Mississippi voted to allow lottery games across the state, but so far, legislators have failed to implement new laws.
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