Celebrities with a gambling problem: Marge Simpson

Marge gamblingSpringfield is a fictional town where Homer and his family struggle with everyday problems. In one episode, mayor Quimby legalizes gambling in an attempt to boost the local economy. Marge gets hooked on gambling, and her habit becomes a serious problem.

Captured by gambling

The episode in question, ‘$pringfield’, shows how Mr. Burns runs a gambling parlor, in which Homer is employed as a blackjack croupier. At the same time, Bart establishes his own casino after being kicked out of Mr. Burns’ gambling venue. At the treehouse-based casino, Milhouse and Jimbo provide gamblers with entertainment.

All's well that ends well

Marge’s out-of-control gambling habit clearly affects her family. On one occasion, Marge promises Lisa to help her with an outfit for a contest, but her addiction puts a spanner in the works. Homer rushes to Mr. Burns’ casino to find Marge. CCTV footage shows his spurt of anger, which leads to his dismissal. Mr. Burns realizes he misses his nuclear power plant, and leaves the casino. Marge gets the message after a serious discussion with her husband and decides to quit gambling.
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