Celebrities with a gambling problem: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake gamblingFormer boy band star Justin Timberlake is not famous for his gambling eruptions. However, insiders claim he likes to gamble at casinos once in a while. That could explain the fact he played the lead role in the poker-themed movie ‘Runner, runner’.

Timberlake as a poker pro

It remains unclear if his alleged gambling habit actually spiraled out of control. What we do know for sure is that the multi-talented actor did an excellent job playing poker pro Richie Furst. Runner, runner tells the story about a young man who wants to fund his college education by playing poker on the internet.

Shady businesses

Richie heads to Costa Rica to obtain redress after losing all his money to a scammer. Ivan Block (played by Ben Affleck) is the operator of the world’s leading internet gambling site. Block fires all employees involved in the scam, and he offers Richie a job. His career at Block’s gambling empire is packed with bribery, blackmail and other shady businesses. Things get out of control and Richie’s father, a devoted poker player with huge gambling debts, is held hostage.
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