Celebrities with a gambling problem: David Bentley

In 2008, David Bentley came clear and confessed he had a gambling problem. The ex-Blackburn Rovers player started gambling when he was only 14 years old. But things got really out of control when the big paychecks came in.

100 bets a day

David BentleyThrough the years, Bentley developed a serious gambling problem. He could easily place up to hundred bets within 24 hours. Bentley confessed that betting dominated his life and it was the first thing he would do when he wake up. Greyhound betting was one of his favorite forms of gambling.

Negative influence

Besides sports betting, Bentley loved to play bingo and online poker. However, he managed to overcome his gambling addiction. Bentley felt that his gambling problem had a negative impact on his football career. “Obviously there were more elements involved, but I strongly felt that gambling affected my performance on the pitch”, Bentley once said.
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