Australian gambling addict turned to insurance fraud

MedibankAn Australian gambling addict who made fraudulent insurance claims has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Amanda Elaine Storey loves to gambling and turned to insurance fraud to finance her addiction.

Repay $10,375.40

The 22-year-old pathological gambler has been ordered to repay the $10,375.40 she had acquired illegally. However, this case of fraud shrinks into insignificance compared to the company fraud in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

Miscarriage and gambling problem

Storey made false dentist claims, but Medibank discovered the fraud when they reviewed the claims. Medibank decided to expel the 22-year-old scammer. Despite the frozen membership, she continued to submit fraudulent claims. The insurance fraud came to an end after police interference. Her lawyer stated that her client turned to insurance fraud due to a gambling addiction. Additionally, a miscarriage caused an emotional trauma. Early last year, Storey gave birth to her second child, after which her gambling addiction deteriorated.
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