Aussies expect more tolerant online gambling laws

The Australian government is set to publish the Productivity Commission report and a state review on problem gambling. Local media believe that both reports could result in a more tolerant approach to online gambling in Australia. New and adjusted laws should enable gamblers to gamble at online casinos, on mobile phones and via digital television.

Online gambling laws

Both reports implicate that the betting laws with regard to online, TV and mobile gambling are set to undergo some major changes. Australian media speculate about the implications of the Productivity Commission gambling report. This report probably suggests a more liberal approach to Australian firms offering online gambling. The report on problem gambling reviewed the relation between problem gambling and online, mobile and digital TV gambling.

Online sports bettingaustralian kangaroo

Australian companies are authorized to offer online sports betting. Controversially, Australian companies are not permitted to offer online gambling. Australian citizens are permitted to gamble at foreign online casinos. The number of Australians who gamble at online casinos increased by 50% in the period 2004 – 2008 to 700.000.

Mobile gambling

Nick Xenophon is an anti-gambling campaigner and politician. “Australia will face an immense new group of problem gamblers if all cell phones and computers can be used to gamble online,” Xenophon commented.

Problem gambling

The Ministerial Council on Gambling ordered the state of Victoria’s Department of Justice to execute a study. This should provide details about problem gambling among online gamblers. It should also determine the impact of the world wide web on online gambling.
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