18-year-old thug stole from disabled lottery winner

Khaleend Arnond McKoyThere's nothing more disgraceful than stealing from someone who doesn't even have the ability to defend himself. However, that’s exactly what happened at a Newport News-based bodega. Khaleend Arnond McKoy faces charges of robbing a senior citizen in a wheelchair. The incident took place early February this year.

Lucky lottery ticket

Kenneth Ray Jones likes to play the lottery and he buys Virginia Lottery's Pick 3 tickets on a regular basis. The 62-year-old disabled man took home $500 in cash courtesy of one lucky ticket. Jones treated the store workers to a $100 bonus, while he offered another client $5 to play the lottery.

Disabled man robbed

Before the lottery winner left the convenience store, the 18-year-old thug robbed him. A police spokesperson revealed that McKoy threatened the elderly, disabled man. McKoy then grabbed money out of the victim’s pockets, after which he left the store.

Generous donations

The incident gained international media attention, which resulted in a nice surprise. A charity called ‘Nawty Dawg Big Heart’ awarded Jones $500 in cash that was donated by noble people from all over the world. They also treated him to a delicious cake, which he shared with his neighbors at the senior apartment complex.
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Really sick...
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