Mount Laurel gambling addict faces prison sentence

A gambling addict from Mount Laurel (New Jersey) has been sentenced to prison after a $14,500 embezzlement. Reginald Lawrence has a weak spot for games of chance, but things spiraled out of control as he stole student fees to enjoy his beloved

Gambling tattoos: Casino items signed by artist

Some people uncover their calling at a young age, such as Melinda. When she was seventeen, she decided that tattooing was her life purpose. It was a wise decision as Melinda has proven herself as a talented artist who has created lots of brilliant

Canadian gambler embezzled $6K from government

A woman from Charlottetown (Canada) has to bear the brunt for the embezzlement from her employer. Kimberly Mae MacKinnon stole more than $6,000 in the space of two years to support a gambling problem. The 52-year-old woman has been given a 90-day

Gambling tattoos: Snake eyes observe craps player

Big brother is watching you, or is it a snake? This week’s gambling enthusiast was enjoying his favorite dice game, when a snake or crocodile kept a close eye on him. That can only mean one thing: This guy loves reptiles and craps. An unusual

Gambling tattoos: Deceased loved one disguised as slot machine

Slots are without a doubt exciting gambling machines, but some gamblers take their favorite pastime too far. We have found a man who dedicated a slot-themed tattoo to Karen, who departed this transitory life. It goes without saying that it is a

Gambling addict broker sentenced to six years in prison

Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds, with the same applying for people with a gambling addiction. Ask James Robert Lyons, who is gripped by the gambling epidemic. The real estate agent from Down Under embezzled cash from a trust fund to fuel his

Gambling tattoos: Roulette art packed with life motto

Some people avoid challenges and take the easy way out, while others are willing to take risks. The latter group opts for the ‘life is a gamble’ motto, with the same applying for this week’s gambling enthusiast. His large tattoo leaves little

Gambling tattoos: Italian-themed roulette and craps

This week’s gambling tattoo dates back to 2013 when Melissa enjoyed a bike trip in Europe. The Canadian woman visited a friend’s winery in Faedis (Udine), and seized the opportunity to apply several permanent decorative tattoos. And of course,

Gambling tattoos: Fully automatic monster slot

Some people say slot machines are nothing but evil as they gulp down all your money. This week’s gambling tattoo perfectly represents that concept, but at the same time it shows that slots can be quite rewarding. This monstrous one-armed bandit is

Gambling tattoos: Colorful slot in memory of deceased mother

Some say that tattoos are a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling. That's not necessarily true, considering the fact that some ink masterpieces have a deep meaning. This week’s tattoo features a colorful one-armed bandit that honors the

Pastor used aid money to fuel gambling problem

Representatives of all social strata have a passion for gambling, including priests. Amer Saka is a fine example of a pastor who loves games of chance. The Canadian priest allegedly used nearly $500,000 in aid funds to finance a gambling

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