Woman detained after showing her boobs at casino

Horizon Casino ResortSecurity guards have escorted a 46-year-old woman out of the Horizon Casino Resort after she reportedly exposed her breasts to casino patrons. Douglas County Sheriff's deputies detained the South Lake Tahoe resident as she was also carrying drugs at the time of the incident. Fortunately, she hadn’t overdosed, as was the case with a $1 million jackpot winner.

Showed her tits

Her odd behavior drew people’s attention when she entered the gambling parlor. Security guards decided to kick the woman out of the casino after she allegedly showed her tits at guests. She acted oddly and her dilated pupils suggested drug intoxication. Police officers handcuffed and arrested the suspect.

Cannabis and hypodermic needle

She was also carrying a hypodermic needle, plus a small quantity of cannabis. Additionally, the woman also resisted the arrest and pushed policemen, according to local media. During questioning, the South Lake Tahoe resident could not explain the hypodermic needle in her glove. The woman refused to cooperate and first wanted to talk to a lawyer.
0 #1 LeoD. 2013-02-01 08:47
Hmmm, a kind of striker, but then in the casino? ;-)
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