Why Is the UK's Gambling Market Growing So Quickly?

Britain's Regulatory Bodies Have Given the UK a Head-start

At the heart of the British industry's success is the proactive outlook of the government and regulatory bodies. This has underpinned a series of progressive laws and regulatory measures within the sector, which have helped to protect the interests of players, optimise best practice and reinforce the security of online casino websites.
This has created a stringent but accessible marketplace, in which both players and operators are afforded genuine peace of mind. By helping to ensure that online gambling is safer and readily available through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, regulators have also helped the industry to reach a wider number of demographics.

So, by recognising the demand for online gambling and taking proactive steps to improve the experience for customers, regulators have helped the UK to steal a march on other, less progressive markets like the U.S. (where the practice is still illegal in 47 states).

The UK's Operators Have Created the Best Marketing Drives

If regulatory bodies have created a foundation from which the UK's online operators can thrive, they have capitalised on this fully with their own unique marketing efforts. This is evident whenever you visit an online comparison site or a branded operator, with a host of lucrative, innovative and increasingly targeted promotions aimed at new players. Many of these take the form of deposit free bonuses, which entitle players to free gameplay across a wide or selected range of titles. 

We are also seeing operators develop a more impactful range of promotional offers for existing players. More specifically, they have been intuitive enough to develop their deposit match bonus options, offering multipliers of up to 400% for new players and then reduced packages for existing customers who commit to further deposits. This means that a player making his third deposit with a casino may we rewarded with 50% of the value in free gameplay, providing a more engaging proposition for customers and creating a more loyal consumer base.

Online Casino Games Have Transcended the Industry

On a final note, it is important to remember that the UK's casino operators offer access to an incredibly large and diverse array of titles. These include fun and innovative iterations of roulette, blackjack, poker and slot games, each of which have been evolved from the classic patterns of gameplay seen in land-based casinos.
If you look closer at these games, you will also see a relatively high number share some form of relevant, pop-culture influence. This was once best embodied by Playtech's range of Marvel-inspired slot games, which have since been withdrawn by parent company Disney but introduced characterisation and themed narratives that transcended the industry.

This has created a template for others to follow, with Playtech having rebranded many of the former Marvel game engines as part of the highly-anticipated 'Age of Gods' series. With alternative influences also being drawn from popular television shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, the boundaries that once separated various pop-culture elements are quickly being eroded  to the benefit of the gambling market in the UK.
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