What to Expect When Playing Online Poker

1.     The Psychological Advantage is No More

As we have already said, corporeal poker is a game of skill that relies heavily on psychological tells and the interpretation of individual player behaviour.

Conversely, online poker requires players to interact in a completely virtual setting. This means that there is no chance to analyse the body language of your rivals, or apply any other form of psychological understanding to inform your decisions. This represents a significant shift, and one that undermines an effective strategy used by a considerable number of older players.

While online poker creates issues for some players, however, it also offers opportunities to others. In fact, virtual players can access huge swathes of data on rival players, pertaining to their preferred strategies, playing styles and individual appetites for risk.

2.     The Eerie Silence of the Virtual Realm

Online operators have strived hard to create authentic experiences that replicate corporeal casino games, right down to the in-game audio effects and supporting soundtracks.

These are the only sounds you can hear when playing virtual casino, however, and this can make for an eerie experience at first. After all, bricks-and-mortar casinos are alive with the sound of chatter, excitement and anticipation, while the availability of alcohol also introduces an unpredictable element that impacts on your experience as a player.

In contrast, online players will need to learn how to focus and apply their strategy during relatively silent periods of gameplay. The key is to recognise as an advantage rather than a negative, however, and take the opportunity to focus solely on your game at all times.

3.     The Pace of Gameplay Can Seem Far Quicker Online

We have already touched on the efforts that have been made by operators to enhance the authenticity of virtual gameplay, and this is reflected by the pace of contemporary titles. If you take roulette, for example, most online platforms now play an average of two spins per minute, which replicates the pace of offline gameplay.

The same principle can be applied to the rate at which hands are dealt during online poker, and over time this makes the transition between the two platforms far easier. 

It can also be initially daunting, however, as the single-minded nature of the game and the use of RNG (random number generating) algorithms can make it seem as though hands are being dealt at a far quicker rate. You will learn to recognise this as an advantage, as it drives seamless and familiar gameplay that makes it far easier to apply your chosen strategy.

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