The Key Considerations When Placing Your Roulette Bets

While roulette may be best categorised as a game of chance, this does not mean that you have to submit fully to the will of opportunism.

In fact, there are an array of progressive and negative progression strategies available to help you manage your bank roll and minimise loss, depending on your level of experience and underlying appetite for risk.

But what about those of you who find yourself playing at a roulette table without the protection of a clearly defined or predetermined strategy? in this post, we will address the key considerations when placing bets, and the steps that you can take to make your bank roll stretch further.

1. Cover as Much of the Board as Possible

Assuming that you are not a hedonist with a high-rolling nature, the chances are that you will want to enjoy small but frequent wins when you first visit a roulette table. After all, this will deliver incremental returns, while reducing the volume and the value of your losses over time.

To achieve this, you simply need to cover as much of the green baize as possible, as you spread your wagers to increase your odds of winning on each individual spin. Outside bets offer an excellent option for roulette novices, as single wagers on odd, even, red or black instantly cover half of the numbers on the wheel. When combined with so-called dozens and columns wagers, you can effectively cover more than 20 numbers on the wheel and incrementally increase your chances of winning.

While these bets only pay out at 2:1 or 3:1 depending on your precise strategy, they optimise the frequency of your wins during the typical gaming session.

2. The Value of Your Betting Unit

Whether you have no strategy at all or a basic understanding of how you intend to play roulette, it is important to have a clear understanding of your bank roll and available playing capital.

The fundamental feature of your bank roll is the value of an individual betting unit, which should be established prior to placing your first wager. This will have a direct impact on the length of each playing session and the value of each win, while for those with a general strategy it will increase incrementally with every single win or loss.

Regardless, the key is to minimise the value of your betting unit from the outset, so that you can manage your bank roll effectively and scale your wagers successfully as and when required.

3. Understand the Precise Iteration of Roulette That you are Playing

We close with a simple point, but one that is exceptionally important when preparing to lay down money at a roulette table.

After all, there are three main iterations of classic roulette, while these formats have also inspired the new breed of new and innovative versions available online. Each of these offer a variable house edge, meaning that your chances of winning will be instantly affected by the exact game that you choose to play.

In simple terms, European roulette offers the most favourable house edge at 2.7%, which is nearly half of the corresponding number (5.2%) for the American version. By understanding this and selecting the right game from the outside, you can instantly improve the value of your bets and take home a significant step towards protecting your bank roll.
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