The Forces Behind the Online Casino Market

If you have ever accessed an online casino, you will probably have found your senses overcome by colour, noise and an incredible range of choice when it comes to games.

This can cause many of use to take virtual casinos at face value, rather than fully appreciating the advanced technology and innovation that underpins these resources.

With this in mind, let's take a look at the forces behind the online casino market in the UK and explore that they have in delivering virtual gambling to the mainstream:

Who Are the Dominant Forces That Drive the Market

When appraising the forces that drive the virtual casino market in the UK, you need look no further than the technological innovators that supply the software, platforms and algorithms that shape the online gambling experience as a whole.

The market leaders in this respect are Playtech, who recent retained their position as the dominant online casino player in the UK marketplace. This continues an age-old trend, as this type of independent, third-party supplier has held sway in the sector since its exponential growth began in 2010. This was largely due to the lack of technological expertise that existed within virtual casino brands, but this is a trend that is beginning to change as the market evolves.

More specifically, we have seen virtual casino brands invest large sums of money into developing their own, in-house suppliers and innovators. This has been a gradual process, but which began to bear fruit during the last year as these branded teams became the biggest market-share gainers in the UK. Interestingly, Playtech has strived to quell this revolution by acquiring smaller market players such as Eyecon and Quickspin, but this remains a short-term strategy that goes against the primary trend.

According the latest data, these acquisitions have failed to stop in-house developers making their market in Britain's virtual casino sector. In fact, Cayetano and Core Gaming, owned by Paddy Power Betfair and Sky Bet respectively, now appear in the top 20 online casino suppliers in the UK, while this type of brand team is even more commonplace in the affiliated sports betting market.

The Last Word: Is the Market Set for a Revolution?

In many ways, Playtech has been able to maintain its dominance by remaining ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, competition and prevailing market trends. Its aggressive approach when acquiring competing suppliers has also bore fruit over time, increasing its market share incrementally while also gaining access to new technology and ideas.

The level of competition that it faces from established virtual casino and bookmaker brands is unprecedented, however, as these suppliers have the financial resources and the data-sets to dramatically reduce Playtech’s (and similar brands') market share in the longer term. Not only this, but as they continue to save money by not contracting third-party suppliers they can increase the amount that they invest in developing their own in-house teams.

For now Playtech seems assured to maintain its status as the UK's leading supplier to the online casino market. This could change rapidly, however, as brands strive to become completely independent in terms of the experience that they deliver to customers.
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