The Advantages of Online Casino Games

1.    Online Poker Levels the Playing Field For Competitors

Let's start with a basic assertion; poker was one of the very first games of its type to make a successful transition online. In fact, virtual and video poker has enjoyed sustained growth to this day, with a number of classic variations now available to players online.

This is despite the fact that online poker arguably nullifies one of the main aspects of gameplay, namely the ability of seasoned operators to leverage psychology, read their opponents body language and interpret physical tells to their advantage. Without this, some of the core elements that define traditional poker as a game of skill are removed, creating an even playing field on which novices can compete with more experienced players.

While online players can access data pertaining to their rivals, their past performances and underlying appetite for risk, this is open to everyone and something that can benefit any individual with a keen eye for detail.

 2.     Virtual Roulette Offers Variety and a Minimal House Edge

Roulette is one of the most popular, offline table games in the world, thanks primarily to the presence of three main iterations and a competitive house edge.

Offline players can access American, European and French iterations of the game, for example, and while the former offers a house edge of 5.2% the latter two versions are far more competitive at 2.7%.

The same advantages are also available to online players, meaning that novices or those who are new to virtual casinos can choose an iterations that optimises their chances of winning. Online players are also able to access a far wider range of games that have been evolved from these classic formats, with classic patterns of play having being adapted and augmented with characterisation, pop culture themes and creative additions.

This makes a compelling proposition for casual gamers, who can enjoy fun and exciting titles while also optimising their chances of winning money.

3.      Online Slots Offer Higher RTP Rates and Larger Cash Prizes

In truth, we could spend all day listing the advantages of playing slots online, but we thought we would limit ourselves to a couple of the most compelling benefits. This means eschewing the vast range of immersive titles online and the positive influence of pop culture in favour of inflated return-to-player (RTP) rates and potentially huge cash prizes.

The RTP rate of a slot usually relates to its variance, and there is a huge range of low, mid and high variance games available online. Low variance slots tend to deliver the highest RTP rates, with certified games listed at 97% and most titles fixed somewhere between 95% and 96%. Even the higher variance games (which tend to deliver larger base game wins and more lucrative bonus rounds) will most likely have an RTP rate of around 94%, and this is far more substantial than classic upright slots and fruit machines which often hover around the 90% mark.

While both on and offline slot games can offer progressive jackpots, these are usually exceptionally difficult to trigger even over sustained period of times. Online titles do offer more impressive base game jackpots, however, with some delivering wins that are more than 5,000-times your initial stake!
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