Slot repairman faces charges linked to alleged theft

Last month, the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, West Virginia informed the police about a theft case. An audit had unveiled that thousands of dollars were missing from a number of slot machines. Justin J. Trauger, who worked as slot machine technician at the casino, has been accused of stealing the cash.

Caught on camera

Hollywood Casino slotsThe casino's security cameras were able to record how the 21-year-old repairman stole the money. Trauger opened several lottery machines while there was nothing wrong with them. CCTV footage showed how he stole the cash boxes, which were found in the parking lot of the gambling venue. Security cameras also showed Trauger in the car park while carrying one of the cash boxes.

Stealing to buy drugs

Police investigators questioned the 21-year-old slot repairman four weeks ago. Trauger confirmed he had opened the lottery slot machines while there was no need to fix them. The Martinsburg resident confessed he had stolen more than $6,000 from several slots five times. He used the stolen cash to purchase illicit drugs. A spokesperson for the Hollywood Casino stated that $11,698 was missing from the lottery machines.
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