Protecting a Growth Market: The Nature of Safety in Modern Gaming

With such growth and advancement come significant challenges, however, not least in the form of cyber-theft and similar security issues. These are challenges that online gaming brands and operators must continue to meet over time, and fortunately there are a select few brands leading the way in this perspective.

The Union of Playtech and Featurespace, and What This Means for Online Gaming

More specifically, online gaming developer Playtech has looked for for practical ways to enhance the security of its customers, which in turn has encouraged the brand to form a partnership with Featurespace. This company, which serves as a fraud prevention outfit which has a proven capacity for improving the safety of online brands, will work alongside Playtech to reinforce coding and encryption levels to prevent cyber-crime at source.

So while online gaming brands such as Playtech already boast pre-existing safety and security tools that are designed to protect customers, Featurespace will provide additional expertise and strive to develop more resilient encryption codes that deter would-be hackers.

So what exactly will Featurespace bring to the online gambling market? In simple terms, it will leverage its ground-breaking, anti-pirating software and ARIC technology to achieve two key goals. Firstly, this software with fortify existing encryption levels associated with online gambling sites (many of which already boast 128-bit encryption), making it difficult for even seasoned hackers to gain access. Beyond this, the software also makes the implementation and management of safety measures more efficient, ensuring that online brands can enjoy sustained results and success.

This will instantly enhance the typical online gaming experience for players, improving their personal security without impact on the quality or accessibility of gameplay. From a long-term perspective, this will also encourage more players and new demographics to the marketplace, increasing the growth potential of the industry further and helping brands to evolve and improve their own value propositions. This will create a cycle of growth and prosperity, as online gaming continues to emerge as a mainstream feature of the consumer market.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Timing and Meeting New Challenges

In many respects, this partnership could not have been forged at a more apt time. After all, cyber-thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach, while the increased use of Bitcoin has also introduced new challenges in terms of implementation and security. So while this crypto-currency is relatively safe and reputable casinos are well-equipped to repel real-time attacks, it is crucial that brands move with the times and constantly look to update their security measures and underlying software.
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