How to Become a Better Blackjack Player

1.     Understand the Basic Rules and House Edge

While there are a number of blackjack iterations available in the modern age, all of these have been evolved from a classic gaming pattern. As a result, they are underpinned by a core set of rules, and understanding these can help you to create a successful strategy.

One of the most important is the fact that the dealer has to hit on 16 or less, while he must also stand on a 'hard' 17 (which is a hand to the value of 17 that does not include an ace). In most cases, he will also be required to stand on a soft 17, and knowing this will enable you to make informed, in-game decisions in real-time.

The typical house edge associated with Blackjack is a competitive 0.28%, while winning wagers tend to pay-out at even money odds. In the case of achieving blackjack, however, you can enjoy returns of 3 to 2, and this makes for a compelling proposition in terms of the frequency of wins.

These rules and examples of data should influence your decisions in relation to your bank roll, strategy and game management, which can ultimately distinguish you from the average player.

2.     Choose Your Iteration Wisely

We have already touched on the range of Blackjack iterations available in the digital age, from classic games to those that have been inspired by various elements of pop culture.

While this can be overwhelming for new players, it also improves their odds of winning by providing them with a wider choice and a greater variation of rules.
Some iterations, such as Spanish Fun 21, offer more relaxed rules to players, for example, such as requiring dealers to stand on a soft 17 and allowing redoubling. In contrast, some platforms offer higher limit variations to players, enabling participants to compete for larger returns and cash prizes.
By choosing an iteration that suits your outlook and risk appetite, you can incrementally improve your chances of winning over time.

3.     Avoid So-called 'Fool-proof' Strategies

While Blackjack requires elements of skill and strategy, it is also a game of chance that is partly determined by the hands that you are dealt. In order to be successful, you therefore need to build strategic knowledge and strive to make informed decisions (and judgement calls) that incrementally enhancing your performance, rather than pursuing supposedly fool-proof techniques.

Unfortunately, there are a number of these strategies available in the digital age, with one of the most damaging being referred to as 'mimic the dealer'.

This simple playing style requires you to operate according to the same rules as the dealer, on the basic understanding that the house also retains a marginal house edge. This means hitting on 16 or less and standing on 17 or more, while you would also refrain doubling or splitting your hand. 

The issue with this strategy is that it misunderstands the way in which the house edge is determined during the game of blackjack, while it imposes restrictions on players that prevents them from winning more than it empowers them. Studies suggest that this strategy actively increases the house edge facing players to 5.48%, so it is to be avoided at all costs.
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