How should you Play American Roulette?

While many roulette players are likely to prioritise the European iteration of the game, those who frequent bricks-and-mortar casinos will be aware that this version is usually played at tables with high minimum bets. So despite the fact that European roulette has a more competitive house edge (2.6% on average), many players end up honing their skills at an American table when they start out.

These skills are subsequently transferred online, with U.S roulette enduringly popular despite having a house edge close to 5.2%. Of course, such odds raise the question of how best to play American roulette, especially of you are to increase your probability of winning and minimise the risk of loss.

How should you play American Roulette? Eschewing Complex Strategies in favour of the Basics

When dealing with more oppressive odds, it is imperative that you eschew complex strategies in favour of basic principles. The most important of these is to focus on the practicalities of the game, particularly the factor which creates such a significant edge for the house. This is the presence of an additional groove (double-zero), which creates 38 straight numbers and single digit odds of 37/1. As if this was not enough, the two zero grooves also mean that the house only pays 35/1 to win on straight-up wagers, and this is often overlooked by players using a variety of roulette systems.

While many strategies require you to spread your bets, you will need to this selectively when playing the U.S iteration of the game. This is because straight-up and similar, inside wagers should be avoided unless you have a huge bankroll, as you are likely to incur significant losses before earning the win. Although the same can be said for European and French roulette variations, the subtle change in single number odds makes a huge difference over the course of a game.

Instead, stay true to outside bets and adhere to the minimum bet at all times. Wagering on odd, even, black and red will afford you excellent board coverage (18 of 38 possible options), while a combination of these bets creates an ever wider spread. Give that these even-money wages pay-out at 1/1, this strategy will optimise you chances of winning on each spin and enable you to steadily build your bankroll.

How should you spread your bets?

For those who are truly committed to striking the ideal balance between consistency and gains, however, it is possible to diversify this simple strategy to include alternative, outside bets. Column or dozen wagers cover one-third of the board, for example, while they pay-out at 2/1 and offer far greater reward to players. By combining these with even-money, outside bets, you can create the ultimate system that achieves the best of both worlds.

Start by placing two wagers of equal amounts on an even-money play and a column or dozen bet at 2/1. On average, this will cover between 24 and 26 numbers, while at least four of these will offer you at least two ways of winning. This type of spread bet instantly increases your chances of winning significantly, while the inclusion of 2/1 options will also maximise your returns over time.

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