Disappointment after visiting new Horseshoe Casino

Elizabeth Hoskins visited the new Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, together with her daughter and brother. She left the new gambling parlor rather disillusioned after casino officials had asked her to leave the new gambling venue. It appeared that she had been banned from all Caesar casinos.


Horseshoe Casino CincinnatiHoskins was speechless and upset at the same time. "I didn't know why, and I kept asking why, and he couldn't give me any answers. I was kind of uncomfortable with people looking and then kind of upset at the same time as I had not do anything wrong. It felt like they didn’t really want to help me, which made me even more angry,” the Milford resident said.

Free meal

A casino employee told her to contact the manager, after which her daughter decided to call the Caesar’s. It all turned out to be a misunderstanding as security officers thought she was a banned casino patron from California. That excluded gambler has the same name, which explains the confusion. She got a phone call from the supervisor of the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, who apologized for the mix-up. The next day she visited the Cincinnati-based gambling parlor, where she received a free meal for the misunderstanding.
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