Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas Armed Robbery

casino bellagio crapsThe craps table was taken by storm at 3.15am this morning in a lightening flash by a man wearing a motorbike helmet after he pulled a gun on clients of the Bellagio Casino declared Lt. Clinton Nichols of the Police Department of Las Vegas.

Bellagio Casino robbery caught on tape

An 11 second video was later issued by the local Police department in an attempt to identify the robber. He is seen at one point to turn back and point the gun at some of the casino patrons, wearing a seemingly red helmet with white strips.

Suncoast Casino heist

With less than $20 000 from a heist earlier this week believed to have been done by the same man, he was seen speeding away from the crime scene on a black motorbike on December 9th. Police released photos captured during the heist also in an attempt to identify the thief of the Suncoast Casino.

Bellagio Casino heist

casino bellagio chipsA press release issued by the police department estimated the Bellagio Casino heist at over $1.5 million, while Nichols was quoted as saying it could be as much as $2 million.

A spokesperson for the Bellagio Casino made no comment about the progression of the investigation though he did state that casino chips were less valuable to the robber than the equivalent in cash.

State Law regarding casino chips

Due to state regulations, casino chips cannot be cashed in at other casinos than where they were issued. Again the spokesperson for MGM Resorts declined to comment whether the casino chips of the Bellagio Casino were “chipped” with frequency transmitters.

The nominal value of the casino chips stolen are said to vary between $100 and $25,000 and as a result the police will be monitoring large sums of such Bellagio Casino chips being cashed.
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