Appraising Mobile Casino Apps vs. Social Games

Accessibility and Security – Mobile Apps vs. Social Games

Let's start with the basics; as mobile casino apps are individually developed pieces of software that must be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Interestingly, apps of this type are now also available through Android and the Google Play store, after the brand finally relaxed its restrictions on the publication of all gambling and real money betting titles last summer.

As a result of this, all mobile casino apps can now be downloaded from a safe and secure source, while iOS and Android can ensure that the appropriate age verification measures are implemented. Similarly, users can only access these age-restricted apps through their smartphone or tablet, meaning that they control who is exposed to their message and core gameplay.

This is particularly relevant for parents and guardians, who can also apply parental controls to ensure that their children are unable to access downloaded casino apps should they ever get hold of their device.

In contrast, social games are far more accessible and available to anyone who is old enough the cultivate a social media presence. This has caused controversy of late, especially as developers have focused on the design of interactive and immersive titles with clear gambling themes.

U.S. firm Scientific Games have been at the heart of this controversy, having created a large number of Facebook games that include both childlike themes and popular, fairytale narratives. With users able to sign up for a Facebook account from the tender age of 13, this means that young and potentially vulnerable children have access to games with a clear gambling influence.

This is a huge concern for parents and regulators, while it highlights just how accessible social games are to mobile applications.

Do Mobile Casino Apps offer a Better Experience?

While mobile casino apps tend to offer more authentic and regulated experiences, the games available through social channels are usually small and boast minimal (but frequently available) rewards. Similarly, they're easier to play and leverage a host of interactive elements, creating a compelling option for younger players or those who are new to the market.

Still, it hard to ignore the more regulated and secure nature of mobile casino apps, which must adhere to more stringent rules in terms of age verification and the transparency of gameplay. Not only this, but mobile casino apps are also growing to include superior animation and interactivity, which in turn is providing the ideal balance between the quality and security of the user experience.
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