A Look at the Online Gambling Revolution in Switzerland

Say Hello to the Revolution: Introducing the Money Gaming Act

The new legislation is called the Money Gaming Act, and it will govern both on and offline gambling activity in Switzerland going forward. In simple terms, it has also stripped national gaming laws of their ambiguity, by officially legalising online gambling and empowering domestic operators to claim a share of the new market. This corrected a major issue with the previous legislation, which did not expressly prohibit online gambling but failed to provide any type of regulatory advice or guidance.

This restricted national firms from competing, while enabling international operators to dominate the space and tap into a lucrative market.

The new bill has gone a step further too, by directing Internet service providers in Switzerland to ban overseas casino operators from targeting Swiss nationals. While this is set to be challenged by advocates of free movement and trade, in the short-term it will eliminate all competition from the online casino marketplace and allow domestic operators to claim a potentially huge slice of the action. This, in turn, will open a brand new stream of taxable revenue in the form of online casino gaming and virtual sports betting, driving significant economic investment and tangible growth.

What Does this Mean for the Global Market?

The potential in the Swiss market is huge, with the most recent statistics confirming that the average Swiss household earns an impressive $35,952 per annum in disposable income. The existing OCED average is just $29,016, so the national economy can look forward to a definitive boost in the future.

As for the global market, the initial portents are a little more mixed. After all, there has always been a market for online gambling in Switzerland, albeit one that was served by international operators. These brands will now see a short-term decline in revenues, while new operators based in Switzerland will be able to establish themselves and fill this gap in the marketplace.

Over time, however, this will prove to be a positive development as it welcomes new operators and greater competition to the market. As Swiss operators grow and look to expand into international markets themselves, we will see global revenues soar and reach brand new peaks.
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