18-year-old detained for blackmailing casinos

A high school student has been detained after he tried to extort Las Vegas-based casinos. The Ventura County resident made false bomb threats and he blackmailed several casino resorts. Zachary Jackson was assisted by a 16-year-old friend, who was interrogated by police officers.zachary jackson student

No evidence of bomb

He made the bomb threats from July 28 through August 8. Jackson threatened to blow up the resorts if they didn’t pay the huge amount that he demanded. Police investigators examined the calling gadgets and revealed that Jackson might have threatened more companies. Detectives found voice concealment devices at the student’s house. They didn’t find components to build a bomb.

Practical joke

“We assume that it was a practical joke,” commented Jay Rivera, speaking on behalf of the Las Vegas police. It remains unclear how much cash Jackson claimed from the resorts. Rivera didn’t reveal which gambling venues were blackmailed. “We don’t want to inspire other criminals,” Rivera added.
+1 #1 Luke 2011-08-24 08:57
Would it really be just a joke? I doubt it.. :-|
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